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The best winter vacation ideas for 2020 will be those destinations that are open to travelers and have tourist attractions that allow guests to social distance themselves. No matter what type of trip or destination you have in mind, plan for outdoor activities or time spent focusing on health and wellness.


These are some of the most popular winter vacation ideas for 2020 that will take you around the world no matter where you are now.


Caribbean Island Destinations


The Caribbean has been an ideal winter destination for ages, and with current events, several islands are struggling and begging tourists to visit. Endless beaches, secluded rainforest trails to hike, and private rentals are perfect for an isolating trip. Being in paradise in the middle of winter makes this one of the best and most popular vacation ideas for 2020.


Rainforest Destinations in Costa Rica, Panama, or Hawaii


There are so many beautiful rainforest destinations around the world to consider, but Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Panama are the easiest to get to and open to visitors in 2020. Trail hiking, horseback riding, volcano exploring, and beach bumming are among the long list of activities you can take part in on your own.


Winter Skiing Hideout


If a week in a winter skiing hideout is your idea of a great vacation, there are plenty of spots to head to this year. Head west into the Rockies, where you will find ski towns, ski lodges, and plenty of space on the slopes. If a European skiing vacation is what you have in mind, the Alps offer more slopes and ski chalets than people to fill them. This year though, upgrade to a cabin of your own to help you maintain distance from other travelers and really give you the sense of the ultimate winter hideout.


Scandinavian Winter Wonderland


There is so much space and opportunity to isolate yourself in Scandinavia and enjoy a unique winter vacation. Many of the destinations and experiences during the winter in Scandinavia are already meant to be isolating experiences where you can enjoy and discover nature’s awesomeness. Sleep in an ice castle, go mushing with a pack of dogs, or take in the Northern Lights.