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When one brings up the topic of skiing, it is usually to decide the best time to ski during the winter months. However, there are a lot of individuals that do not desire to ski during the winter months. Some people want to ski all year long, regardless of the climate. Luckily, there are a good number of ski resorts for individuals to ski during the summer months. In this piece, we will take a deeper look at some of these options.


1. The Dachstein Glacier – Austria


This resort is characterized by its flat slopes that faced north for oncoming snow. The alpine skiing time in the region during the summertime will be heavily reliant on the weather. This region is the international training ground for athletes that want to engage in cross-country skiing and Nordic combination.


Individuals can make reservations for gondola during the summer. Non-skiers will have a good time as well as they can enjoy Dachstein’s ice palace as well as its skywalk.


2. The Les 2 Alpes Glacier – France


It is no secret that the Les 2 Alpes Glacier is one of the largest summer ski glaciers in the entire European continent. This facility is open from late in the month of June to the late month of August. One can get access to slopes between the lengths of 3200 and 3600 meters. One can perform slopestyle, Big Air, halfpipe, and an activity known as Easy Park that is designed for novices.


3. Zermatt (Theodul Glacier)- Switzerland.


The Theodul Glacier is open annually. With 21 kilometers of summer available for skiing, the Theodul Glacier is the largest summer skiing facility in Europe. One can enjoy the beautiful views of the beautiful Matterhorn mountain from the facility’s freestyle snowpark. Summer skiing is open till noon. However, they are a variety of options available for are interested in summer skiing.


4. HinkerTux – (Austria)


This glacier is open all year. Twenty kilometers of slopes are open as well as ten ski lifts. Its glacier contains runs that are suitable for skiers of any skill level, and it has its own bus that could transport 3,000 skiers an hour.