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Canada’s Powder Highway, the legendary route through British Columbia’s Kootenay Rockies, and home to some of the best places for any ski enthusiast to spend their winter. From beginners to double diamond high-quality skiers, Canada’s Powder Highway has something for everyone, and below are just three of the eight major ski resorts along the route.

Starting with Revelstoke Mountain Resort, undoubtedly the most well-known resort within the loop. This resort does offer trails for skiers of all skill types, but Revelstoke is known for having the longest descent in North America, so almost half of their terrain is dedicated to skiers with an advanced skillset. Located on Highway 1 and a short trip from Vancouver’s South Terminal, Revelstoke sits alongside a town that also offers activities for the non-skiers. From hot springs to museums, Revelstoke’s town is ready to entertain anyone who crosses their path. After a long day of skiing, or not, Revelstoke also offers an entertaining nightlife to anyone who may have the energy.

The very exclusive Kicking Horse Mountain is catered to the best of the best. Known for their champagne powder, a super-light, and fluffy snowfall, Kicking Horse has over 120 trails, with a majority of the slopes classifying as double diamond trails. This mountain is not for the faint of heart, but the resort offers activities for individuals who haven’t quite mastered double diamond art or those looking for a rest day. The town of Golden, which is about fifteen minutes from the mountain, offers ice climbing, snowmobiling, spa retreats, and more.

Lastly, the resort is best known for being unknown, Panorama Resort, a place where anyone of any skill level can enjoy a great day on the mountain while also enjoying breathtaking views. Panorama Resort not only offers freestyle, back-country, and side-country terrains, but they also offer packages such as heli-skiing and a flightseeing tour where cheese and chocolate fondue is offered. This resort is definitely a diamond in the rough along Canada’s Powder Highway and a perfect place to have a family vacation.

Canada’s Powder Highway has much more to offer than just these fine destinations listed. Still, with a route that consists of a 630-mile loop through British Columbia’s Rockies, these have helped serve as a starting point for many perspectives mountain-goers.