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Summer is the time for vacation, and even with a pandemic going on, travelers are still itching to get out of their homes and hit the road to enjoy themselves. While no one can stop you from taking a vacation (save for, maybe, the destinations you have in mind being closed), if you’re going to do so it’s best to do so safely. Without a vaccine, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines established by health organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and WHO (World Health Organization). Doing so will minimize the chances of catching the coronavirus yourself and the chance of passing it to others if you’re an asymptomatic carrier. 


Travel may be different now than it was a year ago, but with beaches, mountains, lakes, islands, private vacation homes, and remote hotels available to enjoy, it’s still possible to make the most out of your summer. Here are a few ways how.


Rent a private vacation home


Unlike hotels and other vacation rental options, renting out a private vacation home is likely to be safer than staying at a hotel because fewer face-to-face interactions are necessary. Hotels are working to keep their facilities as clean and sanitized as possible but, at the end of the day, there’s still a high number of people passing through communal spaces there while, with rental homes, the person renting the space out is generally the only one occupying the place. Airbnb has set in motion an Enhanced Cleaning Initiative to help with cleanliness and sanitation, so if your host is enrolled in the program, you can feel safe knowing the space is clean. You can learn more about this new program here.


Plan a (socially distant) road trip


Road trips are idyllic and often romanticized by media—who wouldn’t want to hit the road with their friends and loved ones with music and snacks to make the time go by? This is one of the safer ways to travel during a pandemic since it limits your exposure to other people. While useful, mass transit means mass exposure and a limitation on when you’re leaving, where you’re going, and the cost of each trip. By taking a road trip, you can decide when to return home (especially if you start feeling uncomfortable or sick). While on your road trip, you can keep this next point in mind…


Camp somewhere remote


Nature is absolutely gorgeous, and if you’re taking a road trip like mentioned above, you’re bound to come across some sites that’ll make you pause to take in the view. Camping out will let you soak in Earth’s natural beauty while getting away from the world for a bit, and camping somewhere remote will make it easy to avoid crowds. Whether you rent an RV or pitch a tent, going camping has a charm that’s sure to help you relax in our otherwise stressful world.