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Hail can be a scary thing. Despite it being something that can destroy your property, there is more of an issue that you don’t get stuck in it. The size of hail compared with the speed can often cause serious injury. We’ve got a few ways you can stay safe during a hailstorm.

What Is Hail?

Severe thunderstorms often produce hail. It forms when the updrafts in storms send the falling rain back to the top of the clouds. It is below freezing at this level, so the drops freeze forming hailstones. Hail storms usually happen during the spring and summer when humidity is at its peak.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Hail is the most damaging to your roof. This is caused by stones slamming into your shingles. When the stones are at least one inch in diameter, you’re at risk of roof damage. As the hail hits the shingles, the bond between the asphalt and shingles starts to loosen. Hail often busts out the windows in your home. To combat this, you can install storm shutters. It will also destroy your rain gutters. You can use guards and filters to try to combat hail breaking your gutters.

Staying Safe

It’s critical that you find shelter as soon as you can. It can be tricky to find shelter outdoors because trees are subject to wind damage that usually comes with storms. If you’re inside, stay away from windows due to possible shattering glass. Stay on the first floor of your home with the curtains closed. Never go outside to check on the storm during falling hail. You could easily get hit in the head. If you’re in your car during a storm, try to find a covering. If you cannot get to a safe location, don’t exit your car. Try to shelter yourself away from the windows and stay in a parked position.

In conclusion, hail is something that can damage property and yourself. The most important thing is to get to safety during a storm. Don’t go outside to examine the damage until the storm has been gone about an hour. High winds and lightning usually accommodate a hail storm. Always take caution when going outside after a storm.