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It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, and if you have holiday plans this season, then the pandemic will likely have some impact on your travels. Between restrictions, closures, and mandates, this holiday season is going to be harder to navigate than ever before. Naturally, you want to stay safe, save time, and keep out of trouble, so check out these important factors to keep in mind if you choose to travel this holiday season.

Lines and Waits May Be Longer

Due to screening requirements and fewer open businesses, you’ll have to wait longer for service. Airports, government buildings, stores, and other public areas have to enforce strict social distancing and detection policies, so even a short line will move slower than in normal times. With all of these long waits in mind, you should budget your time accordingly.

Many Places Will Be Closed

Whether you’re planning on picking up a last-minute gift or simply plan to visit local shops and restaurants, you should expect many storefronts and locations to be closed. Many businesses couldn’t survive the pandemic, and some nonessential stores may be barred from operating in a lockdown. If you’re planning on doing some shopping on your trip, then you should figure out which places are open before embarking.

Limits on Gatherings

Some areas may be enforcing strict limits on gatherings and events. If you have a big family, then your massive holiday party might not be so feasible this season. Even if your destination has been relatively lenient throughout the pandemic, there’s no guarantee that they won’t institute new restrictions, so you should treat all plans as tentative.

Stay Sanitary

It should go without saying, but you must remember to regularly wash your hands during your trip. While Covid-19 is the primary threat, you’re more susceptible to everyday sicknesses when you’re traveling far from home, so it’s especially important to uphold the best sanitation practices. Hand sanitizer is a great way to keep yourself safe, but since many brands are being investigated by the FDA for using harmful ingredients in their products, you should try to stick to a reputable hand sanitizer manufacturer.