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Even if you live in a mild climate, unexpected cold weather can be difficult to face. For people in northern climates who experience long winters, warm clothing can be a matter of life and death. Working outside in subzero temperatures can quickly lead to frostbite or hypothermia.


If you’re planning to enjoy the cold weather this winter, it’s important to have clothes that will support you. Some winter clothes are built for bulk and insulation, trapping your body heat inside. Others are built for fitness and athletic purposes, allowing a wider range of movement.


A Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece Jacket is a good choice for those who want a relaxed, casual jacket that provides good insulation. It’s not sports gear, but it comes with both thermal insulation and a built-in scarf. The elastic cuffs hug your wrists to keep air from getting inside, and there’s a lot of room in the side pockets.


When you’re looking for a balaclava, the N-Ferno Hinged Fleece option is a good choice. It sets itself apart from other balaclava options by having a hinged design. The hinges change the way you drape the fabric, making it suitable for more weather conditions.


The design is built with wind-resistant panels that keep your face from getting burned. There are also reflective accents for when you’re out in dim lighting conditions. You might struggle if you want to wear sunglasses, though.


The Wicking Thermal Pant from Duofold is a pair of pants that provides thermal insulation. It allows complete freedom in your movements and keeps you comfortable even in freezing weather. The secret is the two layers, which trap a barrier of air around your legs. At the same time, the knitted cuffs keep cold air from sliding underneath.


GI’s Extreme Cold Weather pants are available for people who will be in incredibly dangerous temperatures. These pants are more heavy-duty than most apparel, being military-grade in design. The Primaloft fabric provides maximum insulation, and the garment has been wrapped in a windproof shell. For athletes who might take a tumble, the reinforced knees can protect your legs from injury.


In addition to all of this, these pants have a high water resistance level, and there are side zippers up the full length of the pants.