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Winter can be an especially dangerous time of year if certain precautions aren’t taken. Doing everything necessary to remain as safe as possible while traveling can help people get through the season better while decreasing their chances of getting into harm’s way. Here are some winter safety tips that every traveler should follow.


Bring Extra Safety Supplies for Driving

It’s always a good idea to keep a stash of safety supplies in a vehicle, and these items are especially important to have while driving in the winter. Blankets, water bottles, and emergency food are among the essential items to have in case drivers get stranded. Bringing warm beverages can help drivers avoid hypothermia. It’s also important to have a set of flares that can be used to alert other drivers of a distressful situation if the vehicle’s emergency blinkers stop working. A first aid kit should be kept in the vehicle as well.


Avoid Skiing While Fatigued

Feeling a little tired is a natural part of any physical activity, but it’s best to avoid skiing if feeling extra fatigued. Skiing while tired will make it more challenging to maintain control over movements while skiing down slopes, and this could increase the chances for ski accidents. People who enjoy skiing for long periods of time are advised to maintain their physical fitness and exercise regularly even more during the winter so that their strength and stamina can be improved.


Opt for Nonstop Flights

When traveling by air during the winter, it’s best to choose nonstop flights to avoid the problem of getting stuck at airports during layovers. Being stranded because of bad weather in layover cities can put travelers at greater risk for encountering dangerous situations if they decide to leave the airport to seek lodging. If layovers are unavoidable, it’s often best to choose to fly into airports in southern cities where inclement winter weather is less likely.


Stick to Well-Known Locations

Straying off the beaten path can be especially dangerous in the winter. It’s advisable to travel to locations that are well-known and have many people who can provide help if it’s ever needed. Regardless of where a traveler chooses to go, they should always notify friends and family of their intended destinations along with when they expect to return.


Winter can be a much safer travel season if travelers learn ways to avoid potentially hazardous situations. Following these tips can point travelers in the right direction.