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Franklyn Michelin

Weather & Travel

Based in Montreal, Canada, Franklyn Michelin is the owner of a medical supplies consulting company. In addition to consulting, he provides customer support/call center services to medical supply companies based all around the United States. Prior to opening his own business, Franklyn held a number of positions within the medical supplies industry, imparting him with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 

For example, in 2010, while working as an Industry Research and Analysis Consultant, Franklyn Michelin successfully identified investors for a client, which resulted in a massive boost in their capital. His employer’s investor group noticed his negotiation skills and drive, and they nominated him to fill the position of Co-Chief Operations Officer. In his new position, Franklyn began managing day to day activities of the company. Eventually, the Co-Chief resigned, leaving Frank to run a majority of the company. 

Most recently, Franklyn was the CEO of Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (“DME”) Provider Diabetic. While in this post, he grew the company’s patient base from a couple thousand to 40,000 strong. His leadership led the company to go from losing money to gaining a steady and impressive profit. 

What Franklyn loves most about his career is his ability to touch the lives of others, especially the elderly. Now, as the owner of his own business, he is able to forge even stronger connections with his clients, the vendors he works with, and everyone in between. After all, at the heart of any medical profession is the desire to better the lives of others. 

Outside of work, Franklyn Michelin is a man of many passions. One such passion is for the weather and travel. Growing up in Canada, Frank became fascinated with the weather and how its nuanced changes affected so many aspects of his life. The long and cold winter months instilled in him a lifelong passion for winter sports like snowmobiling and hockey; the abrupt shift in seasons left him with a standing curiosity for weather patterns. His fascination with the weather has also become a huge determining factor in his travel destinations and preferences. 

Another one of Frank’s passions is professionalism, particularly in how important it is to dress to impress. He believes that the way we present ourselves leaves those we meet with a lasting impression, which makes it all the more important to dress well. Over the years, Franklyn’s interest in professionalism led him to acquire a deep appreciation for men’s fashion. 

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